Helping you build pathways through high-conflict divorce so your children are free to love both parents!

We work in partnership with the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute to provide cutting edge strategies that empower separating or divorcing parents to develop divorce agreements and parenting plans in a supportive environment, effectively co-parent with a high-conflict ex, get out & stay out of court, and reunite with their alienated children forever!

Regardless of where you are in the process, we have a solution for you!



Conscious Mediation

Why risk traditional mediation facilitated by lawyers, who are accustomed to working in an adversarial environment?

We mediate in a supportive, cooperative environment in which both parents are empowered to work together to parent their children.

Avoid the risk of losing control to the family court system and Attachment Based Parental Alienation from affecting your family!


Conscious Co-Parenting Coaching

Does your ex refuse to co-parent?

Let us empower you with the skills and tools needed to develop effective parallel parenting strategies, and build a foundation of resilience to dramatically reduce the conflict with their ex. 

We can also help guide you forward through the grief of parental alienation so that you are ready to reunite with your children. 


Custody Resolution Method

Take control of your custody litigation NOW! Stop hoping the judge believes you over your ex, or that your ex won’t lie this time.

With the Custody Resolution Methodyou can present a case based on EVIDENCE of Attachment Based Parental Alienation.

We work with your legal team to give you the upper hand in court and create the life you and your children deserve!


High Road to Reunification

Are you facing rejection from your children who were once very loving?

Whether your relationship is strained, or you have had no contact with your children for years, this program is for you!

In the High Road to Reunification, we bring your family together, teach you new skills and perspectives, and help stabilize your family for years to come.


Monique Mason

Conscious Co-Parenting
Coach & Mediator

In Partnership with:
Conscious Co-Parenting Institute


About the Founder

I have a dirty little secret no one likes to talk about. After years of custody battles, thousands of dollars in legal fees, and countless failed communication attempts with my ex-husband, my only son has refused to talk to me for over 7 years. You see, I too have experienced high-conflict divorce…both first hand, and second hand with my current husband.

Leaving my ex-husband was not easy, and even after years of toiling over the decision, I was not prepared for the emotional turmoil yet to come. My son became a pawn…the rope in a decade-long tug of war…and my relationship with him slowly and methodically eroded away from me “being the best mom in the world” to me losing all contact with him.

I felt alone, helpless and ashamed for many years. After all, what child doesn’t want a relationship with his mother?

To make matters worse, my current husband also endured this same experience with his own daughter. Not only was I struggling with my own emotional instability, I felt helpless in supporting my own spouse, who was seemingly drowning in front of me.

The life lessons learned during these years has been invaluable. I am now on a mission to make my (and my family’s) suffering mean something, and am committed to ending the unnecessary suffering of children entangled in high-conflict divorce, and their rejected parents.

I have walked in your shoes! I once felt isolated and hopeless, with no one to turn to who could remotely understand my family’s struggle. Even psychologists and the courts did not acknowledge the severe abuse and trauma that the people I cared most deeply about were enduring.

Luckily, my husband has since recovered the close bond he once had with his daughter after 15 years of no contact. I, too, have also gained a close bond and loving relationship with her.

Throughout it all, I have picked myself up, dusted myself off, and fought through the grief on a journey of self-discovery, understanding and compassion to a place of peace, determination, and empowerment.

I am a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach, trained personally by Dorcy Pruter, who is leading the charge in helping moms and dads co-parent with a high-conflict ex, teaching proven methods to get and keep parents out of court, and reuniting families across the globe with her proven strategies to help high-conflict families heal their dysfunctional relationships and live in harmony.

When a child is alienated from one parent, he loses half of himself. 
 Parental Alienation is psychological and emotional child abuse.


In this complimentary course, Dr. Craig Childress describes what target parents need to do to recover their alienated children and protect them from the pathogen of Parental Alienation.

Online Courses

Conscious Co-Parenting

This Online Course provides you will strategies on co-parenting (parallel parenting) with a high conflict parent. The strategies taught in this court have helped hundreds of families learn the critical skills needed to recover and reunite with alienated children and create a co-parenting relationship that works

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Higher Purpose Parenting

This is a cutting-edge parenting program for targeted parents of Attachment-Based Parental Alienation "ABPA". Includes 9 weeks of online training classes. You learn the steps you need to take to recover your authentic child.

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Coaching Package

Includes the Conscious Co-Parenting and Higher Purpose Parenting online courses, PLUS 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching.

Each week you will meet with your certified coach, who  will guide you through the processes we use to recover authentic children and restore your unbreakable bond.

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You and your child have a bond that can NEVER be broken.  Schedule a free 60-minute consultation to discover your next best move to recovering your authentic child.

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