We are passionate about providing real strategic solutions that empower separating or divorcing parents to effectively co-parent with a high-conflict ex, stop the adversarial back-and-forth conditions of the court to be a part of their children's lives, and recover and protect the precious bond between parent and child!

Regardless of where you are in the process, we have strategies to help!

Download our ULTIMATE Co-Parenting Plan

This is the most comprehensive co-parenting plan on the market! This done-for-you comprehensive template is designed to protect parent-child bonds and avoid contentious issues before they arise.

ULTIMATE Co-Parenting Plan



Conscious Mediation

Why risk traditional mediation facilitated by lawyers, who are accustomed to working in an adversarial environment?

We mediate in a supportive, cooperative environment in which both parents are empowered to work together to parent their children.

Avoid the risk of losing control to the family court system and Attachment Based Parental Alienation from affecting your family!

Co-Parenting & Reunification Coaching

Empowering you with the skills and tools needed to develop effective co-parenting and parallel parenting strategies, and build a foundation of resilience to dramatically reduce the conflict with your ex.

We use a holistic approach to help guide you through the grief of the rejection of a child and build a solid foundation to move forward with strategies to effectively reunite you with your children forever. 

In extreme dynamics, we collaborate with your mental health professional to empower the family with skills to move you forward in your new family paradigm.

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One-on-One Consultation

Providing you with an enhanced understanding of the family dynamics when experiencing high-conflict divorce or separation, and offering cutting edge strategies for handling common problems you may find in the adversarial conditions of family court, so you can move forward with confidence.

We examine the details of your case, and provide insight to identify destructive behavioral patterns.  We do not offer legal advice; however, we collaborate directly with you and your lawyer, mental health provider, or any other retained professional for strategic planning.  

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Data Organization

Data doesn't lie!  Our Behavioral Pattern Finder is a powerful digital software solution that organizes numerous important documents including text messages, emails, police reports, therapist reports, bank statements, medical records and other important materials into a factual, easy to use digital timeline that reveals patterns of behavior that may indicate distorted parenting practices (by a high-conflict personality) and any parenting strengths (in a normal range parent).

Remove biased interpretation and demonstrate the real issues in your family dynamic so that you can feel grounded, confident and prepared to present your family's needs based on EVIDENCE of the trauma your children are experiencing without using controversial terminology in court.  Become pro-active instead of reactive!

Behavioral Pattern Finder

Online Courses

Join us in our online academy where we offer a variety of powerful online courses that provide essential skills for children and their parents navigating divorce.

  • Enhance your understanding of how high-conflict divorce affects your children. 
  • Obtain tools to effectively communicate with your high-conflict ex and your children.
  • Develop resiliency skills and learn to be the leader your family wants and needs. 

Whether you are just in discussions of divorce (amicable or otherwise) or are dealing with extreme rejection from your children, we have programs to help build skills and provide solutions.

Online Courses


Monique Mason

Co-Parenting & Reunification
Coaching, Consulting & Mediation



Jenna Noble

Co-Parenting & Reunification
Coaching, Consulting & Mediation

About Pathways

Hello and welcome to Pathways Family Coaching! Jenna and Monique are Co-Parenting and Reunification coaches that have partnered to provide parents who are struggling to remain a part of their children's lives as a result of high-conflict divorce to more effectively communicate with their ex, finally find success in family court, and recover the strong bond they have with their children...all without compromising who they really are.

We believe that banding together as a team and working collaboratively with others is key in bringing about change and solving an epidemic that is dominating the family courts...turning a child against another parent.

Both Jenna and Monique have been caught in the emotional turmoil that results from this experience, and are determined to help families avoid and heal from the trauma.

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When a child is forced to choose one parent over the other, she loses half of herself. 
 The trauma a child experiences during high-conflict divorce is psychological and emotional child abuse.


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