Helping you build pathways through high-conflict divorce so your children are free to receive love from both parents!

Welcome to Pathways Family Coaching!

Jenna and Monique are Co-Parenting and Reunification coaches that have partnered to provide parents who are struggling to remain a part of their children's lives as a result of high-conflict divorce to more effectively communicate with their ex, finally find success in family court, and recover the strong bond they have with their children...all without compromising who they really are.

We believe that banding together as a team and working collaboratively with others is key in bringing about change and solving an epidemic that is dominating the family courts...turning a child against another parent.

Why is Coaching Our Passion?

Both Jenna and Monique have been caught in the emotional turmoil that results from being in a relationship with a high-conflict personality, and are determined to help families avoid and heal from this trauma.

We believe that anything is possible.  Our greatest honor as coaches is guiding you back to your child's heart, regardless of where you are in the process.