Behavioral Pattern Finder

Organize your important documents and data into a factual, easy to use digital timeline that anyone can interpret effectively and quickly to reveal patterns of behavior that may indicate distorted parenting practices

The Behavioral Pattern Finder (BPF) is a powerful software solution that assists families at risk surrounding divorce and parenting disputes, to step into a proactive approach instead of the usual reactive response. The Pathways Family Coaching BPF organizes up to 250 pieces of data into a factual, easy to use digital timeline that reveals patterns of behavior that may indicate distorted parenting practices and highlight any parenting strengths.

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"It was one of the best investments I ever made. Your results have been what's helped me in both [court] cases. Now it's a trail that's snowballing in the other direction because of your data. I just want to thank you so much!"
M. Russell (father of 4)

As human beings, we all exhibit patterns in our behavior. A high-conflict co-parent, for example, may be skilled at deflecting responsibility and charming others. And they may have been able to successfully explain away their high-conflict behaviors within the court system or in family therapy. This may leave you feeling like you are going crazy, but we at Pathways Family Coaching know the unfortunate reality you may find yourself in.

Judges and mental health professionals often do get lost in the onslaught of “facts” and crazy-making tactics of a high-conflict personality. Thanks to unmistakable patterns in human behavior such as lying, manipulating, displays of rage and intimidation that you may be up against, with the use of this powerful software solution, you, your legal counsel, or any other retained professional can effectively navigate an adversarial court system designed to create animosity (a high conflict personality’s playground). Eliminate the back-and-forth he said/she said courtroom battle and replace it with an organized presentation of facts using our easy to use digital timeline showing both patterns of negative behavior (in the high-conflict personality) and positive behavior (in the normal range parent).

Often times in these dysfunctional dynamics, you may also find yourself feeling like you are the only one that sees a correlation between an event and the onslaught of tactics that follow. After all, you live it every day so you understand the intimate details. However, the professionals on the outside do not have the opportunity to observe these complexities.

For example, maybe you asked your co-parent for help with expenses, and the next day you have the police at your door investigating an accusation of assault. False allegations, parental gate-keeping or power struggles over normal parenting decisions often result from an event that triggered your high-conflict co-parent to retaliate. With the Behavioral Pattern Finder, we can show these patterns of behavior and the events that were often the catalyst, routinely missed by professionals.

Bring the facts in a clear, chronological and visual manner to proactively answer any questions that a Judge or mental health professional may ask before they ask them. Don’t wait to be on the defense, reactively searching to “prove” you are a healthy and involved parent. Show patterns of positive parenting practices such as meeting your child’s medical and mental health needs, attending school functions, or coaching little league.

Don’t waste your money and base your case on psychologists’ reports or statements from experts that may not be accepted by the court and stick to the clear facts and patterns within!

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Whether you are newly co-parenting and facing unnecessary issues with your high-conflict co-parent or you are dealing with an extreme case of alienation, BPF can help you to deliver the whole story in a easy to follow and factual way, making these patterns of behaviour (and the real issues) undeniable to any professional. Eliminate the possibility of any future emotional conflict with your child, protect your child from becoming a weapon in your high-conflict dynamic and even avoid court all together.

The goal with this complete digital software solution, is to settle out of court when your high-conflict co-parent sees their clear patterns of dysfunctional behavior and, if necessary, obtain effective court orders, ultimately protecting family bonds, and in extreme circumstances of pathogenic parenting, protect against child psychological abuse.

Useful for Legal Professionals

If you are a legal professional representing your client in a high-conflict case, you may be worried that the courts or other professionals will not understand the severity of the other parent’s dysfunctional behavior. We know at Pathways Family Coaching that a Judge or mental health professional knows the least about your client’s family dynamic and the challenges they are facing.

Often times they only receive a very small snapshot, focused on only one or two events based solely on witness testimony, and hear a distortion of the facts surrounding the case. This snapshot, not grounded in evidence and long-term patterns, does not allow for a realistic understanding and an ability to make important and effective decisions regarding your client’s family outcome. This is very dangerous and can result in the continuation of Intimate Partner Violence, abuse and even the loss of a relationship between a parent and their child.

We flag your timeline based on recommendations from the top mental health professionals in the field!

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What is BPF?

BPF is a powerful digital software timeline solution that organizes numerous important documents including text messages, emails, police reports, therapist reports, bank statements, medical reports and other important materials in an easy to use and understand format that anyone can interpret effectively and quickly.   

We flag your timeline based on recommendations from the top mental health professionals in the field, including Dr. Richard Gardner's identification of common child behaviors, and Dr. Amy Baker's documented strategies used by pathogenic parents in "parental alienation" cases.

With the Behavioral Pattern Finder, you will have the ability to view a single incident with digital copies of any related documents being accessible at the click of a button, or view multiple incidents together on the timeline to highlight a pattern of behavior.  Patterns of abusive behavior or false allegations can be shown, including dates, possible triggering events (such as court dates), and severity of the abuse. Everything is organized and easily accessible, eliminating the need to shuffle through piles of papers to find important documents when you need them.

The Pathways team will work with you to upload your documents. We then group your documents by category, create your visual timeline complete with behavioral flags, and review how it can be organized to best demonstrate patterns of behavior to professionals and to the courts.

Your BPF digital timeline can be easily revised by a lawyer and/or yourself to add, remove, or change its organization for presentation to others, including the court. As stated above, we want your timeline to be so accurate and easy to comprehend that your co-parent will agree to settle outside of court as a result of seeing patterns of their own negative behaviors. Because the ultimate responsibility lies with you and your lawyer in presenting your case in the most accurate and organized manner while navigating the adversarial conditions of the court system, the best solution is a digital presentation of facts and patterns of behavior using the Behavioral Pattern Finder.

Save thousands of dollars in legal fees by ordering your Pathways BPF timeline for a low one-time investment of $7,800!

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With the Behavioral Pattern Finder, you will receive:

  • Initial consultation with a member of the Pathways team (up to 1 hour)
  • OneDrive repository for up to 250 documents
  • Review and analysis of up to 250 electronic documents
  • Creation of a digital timeline with documents organized according to event dates, and tagged for patterns of positive and negative behavior
  • Preparation of a summary report of your timeline
  • Two (2) 1-hr consultations with you and your legal counsel or any other retained professional to provide a walk-through and training on the use of the timeline, and provide suggestions on presentation of the timeline
  • One-year storage and access to your timeline and the timeline viewer

Learn more about how the Behavioral Pattern Finder can help you!

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