Behavioral Pattern Finder

Utilizes research-based data analysis backed by 35 years of science using powerful timeline technology to reveal indicators of alienation

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Ground your case in facts, not he said-she said testimony
Become proactive rather than responding reactively
Reveal family patterns to ensure best interests of your children are met
Organize your documentation to tell a clear story quickly
"It was one of the best investments I ever made. Your results have been what's helped me in both [court] cases. Now it's a trail that's snowballing in the other direction because of your data. I just want to thank you so much!"
M. Russell (father of 4)


Protect your child from becoming a weapon in your high-conflict dynamic:

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Why Many Judges and Some Mental Health Professionals Get it Wrong

High-conflict family dynamics and parental alienation are profoundly counterintuitive
Our brains rely on intuitive thinking for fast and frugal results, but this can be inaccurate and misleading in high-conflict dynamics
Alienating parents present with the 4 C's and taregeted parents present with the 4 A's

Four C's:

Four A's:

Alienating parents are master manipulators, causing them to appear well-grounded and as the most suitable parent
Targeted parents are trauma victims, causing them to appear unstable and as the less suitable parent

If you're feeling unheard by the professionals working with your family and your children's behavior is continuing to escalate, our Behavioral Pattern Finder can help

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We tag your data based on well-researched recommendations from the top mental health professionals in the field:

Presence of a previously healthy and loving parent-child bond
Common child behviors that would indicate they are being coerced into rejecting a parent
Strategies commonly used by alienating parents to erode the bond their children have with their other parent
Indicators of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), including 11 different forms of manipulative gaslighting behaviors
Existence of the 5 factors of alienation
Cooperative parenting practices & indicators of a desire to improve the coparenting relationship

Who is this service for?

You are dealing with an extreme case of alienation
You are being falsely accused of alienating your children from your co-parent
You are recently separated and facing unnecessary issues with a high-conflict co-parent
You want to refute professional recommendations that are based on incorrect information
You are a legal professional seeking detailed organization of your clients' data with relevance to resist/refuse dynamics being highlighted
You are a mental health professional seeking a detailed review of your clients' collateral information

Ensure your case is grounded in evidence and long-term patterns, not a small distorted snapshot based solely on witness testimony

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Documentation we review:

Email communications
Text messages
Social media chats
Public social media posts
Parenting app communications
Audio/video recordings
Custody evaluations/ recommendations
Therapist notes & reports
Medical records
School records
Police reports
Court transcripts

With the Behavioral Pattern Finder, you will receive:

  • Initial consultation with a member of the Pathways team (up to 1 hour)
  • OneDrive repository for up to 2500 pages of documentation
  • Review and analysis of electronic documents received
  • Creation of a digital timeline with documents organized according to event dates, and tagged for patterns of positive and negative behavior
  • Preparation of a summary report of your timeline
  • Two (2) 1-hr consultations with you and your legal counsel or any other retained professional to provide a walk-through and training on the use of the timeline, and provide suggestions on presentation of the timeline
  • One-year storage and access to your timeline and the timeline viewer

Save thousands of dollars in legal fees by ordering your Pathways BPF timeline for a low one-time investment of $7,800!

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