Coaching & Consultation

Do you feel powerless, like you are lacking the tools and skills needed to navigate the alienation you are experiencing?

Are the professionals already involved not "getting it"?

Are you scared your child is slipping away and don't know how to stop it?

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Reconnect with Your Children
& parent with increased awareness and influence

Know What to Say
& how to say it to shut-down high-conflict communication

Develop an Actionable Plan
with the help of professionals who have a deep understanding of alienation

Minimize Legal Costs
& maintain control over how your family is restructured

"Right now, after seeking guidance from so many professionals, I couldn't be happier with your commitment, level of involvement, organization, personal encouragement, practical wisdom...just feel like I'm finally getting some real help. So thank you."
Michelle W. (mother of 6)


Are you struggling to be heard by the professionals working with your family while your children are suffering?

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What is Coaching?

Develop important life skills to help you confidently support your children through the transition from a single to dual-family home
Learn to effectively communicate with high-conflict individuals. We don't just teach you the skills, we help you by providing valuable feedback on all your messages.
Shift into an empowered mindset by implementing an actionable plan you develop together with your Coach
Receive alternative perspectives and insight from a professional experienced in high-conflict family dynamics and alienation

Stop responding reactively to your co-parent, anticipate problems before they occur, and develop a proactive approach with our help:

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What is Consultation?

Alienation is a very complicated family dynamic, which requires a collaborative and holistic approach to resolve effectively. We help you to source and bring together the right team of professionals that will get you results.
Strategize with your team of professionals to create an actionable plan to suit your unique situation.
Educate you on the intricacies of alienation dynamics so that you can better relate to your children and respond effectively to difficult child behaviors in a way that strengthens bonds with your children rather than be weaponized against you.
Place you in a proactive position so you can stop responding reactively to your co-parent and start driving the process to achieve favorable outcomes for your children.
Micro-mange communications between you and your co-parent, children, and other professionals to ensure you put your best foot forward and have the proof you need in court.
High-conflict parents rely on vague orders to limit contact and introduce delays. We advocate for the details you need in parenting plans, orders for reunification, etc.
Finding a therapist who can effectively resolve complicated family relationships is extremely difficult. We help you vet the professionals before they start working with your family.
Is there a professional currently working with your family you believe is doing harm to your children? We are experienced in encouraging these professionals to recuse themselves from continuing to work with your family.
Help you to prepare for custody evaluations and therapy so you can show up as your best self and the evaluator/therapist sees the facts of what is really happening within your family.



    Why Do You Need Coaching/Consultation?

    Your professionals do not understand the complicated and counter-intuitive family dynamic of alienation because it requires specialized training.
    The role of family court is to interpret the law, not solve your family problems. Therefore, the courts often focus on who did what wrong rather than providing workable solutions to help everyone within your family.
    A multi-disciplinary approach is required to resolve the alienation you and your children are experiencing. This includes legal expertise, skilled therapeutic intervention, and a knowledgeable consultant to help you select qualified professionals to get you results.

    Manage Even the Most High-Conflict Situations & Recover a Strong Bond With Your Child

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    Coaching/Consultation is for you if:

    You are co-parenting with a high-conflict ex during or following a contentious separation or divorce
    You are being falsely accused of alienating your children from your co-parent
    You are seeking to leave an abusive relationship
    You believe you are being alienated from your children
    There are professionals working with your family who are making the problem worse
    You currently have a strained or no relationship with your adult children and are seeking to repair the relationship
    You are a family member who has been alieanted from your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, step-children, etc
    You have a strained (or no) relationship with a parent due to your own parents' contentious divorce
    You have separated from your co-parent on positive terms and want to ensure you nurture a positive co-parenting relationship so the children's best interests are met
    You are a professional seeking collaborative guidance on working with high-conflict family dynamics

    Save thousands of dollars in legal fees by developing a strategic plan that works

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