Co-Parenting & Reunification Coaching

Empowering you with the skills and tools needed to effectively co-parent or parallel parent, and build a foundation of resilience to dramatically reduce conflict with your co-parent.

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A Must-Have for Anyone Navigating Separation & Divorce!

Separation and divorce are hard!  Emotions run high, conflict arises, and sometimes knee-jerk reactions take place as a result.  It is easy for our emotions to spiral out of control and for us to lose sight of what's important...our children.  Separation is particularly confusing for children, and they are often left disoriented as the parents struggle to restructure the family.

It is easy to get caught up in the adversarial mentality of family court.  This often escalates conflict and starts a war in which ALL family members end up losing.

What is Coaching?

A Co-Parenting Coach works side-by-side with you, helping you move effectively and efficiently through your process to reach your goals.  They assist you to develop important life skills to help you confidently guide and support your children through the transition.  A coach also teaches you to communicate effectively with your co-parent to minimize any conflict.  This ultimately minimizes the requirement for legal intervention and maximizes the control you have over how your family is restructured.

A coach will hold space for you, work on your schedule and respect your process with openness, acceptance and care.  They will help you dig deep and find the answers to help your family with no judgements or expectations.  And when you're stuck, they will share valuable tools to get you moving again.  Best of all, a coach will provide space to celebrate all you accomplish with you.

Who Do We Work With?

Pathways Family Coaching specializes in coaching parents who are navigating the terrain of co-parenting with a high conflict ex, during or following a contentious separation or divorce. These parents typically have a co-parent who is, unfortunately, influencing the children to emotionally cut-off and reject them.  We focus on helping you to build important life skills vital to resolving the conflict between you and your co-parent. And these same skills are taught to your children, by you, to help them navigate the relationship with both parents and remove them from the middle of the conflict.

Children exposed to significant conflict require special guidance that, at times, can seem counter-intuitive. This is more important than ever when a child has completely cut-off from one parent and is refusing all communication. We help parents to deeply understand their children's behavior and experience, and guide them in providing their children with the parenting support they desperately need. We help you to open the communication lines between you, your children, and your co-parent. Ultimately, coaching can be used as a very effective way of reuniting with a child or adult child, that has completely rejected the love of one parent by using effective one-way communication.

In addition to working with families caught in the throes of a contentious divorce, we also work with parents who have separated on positive terms that want to provide their children with a solid foundation from which to continue growing. We will work with one parent; however, are equally supportive working with all members a family unit, including both parents, step-parents, grandparents, children and adult children.

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Online Courses

Pathways Family Coaching offers a variety of online courses, that are a great compliment to one-on-one coaching, to best suit your needs regardless of where you are in the process of separation and divorce.  Whether you are newly separated, or have been alienated from your now-adult children, we can help!

Our "Ready to Reconnect" course guides parents "stuck" in a place of feeling powerless through a truly transformational process.  Parents journey to a place where they find joy and regain a sense of control and empowerment that encourages their children to fold back into their lives.

"The Alienation Code" provides parents who are experiencing "parental alienation" with a deep understanding of the dynamic within their family.  Understanding and compassion are a must before your family can heal, and this course delivers exactly that!

"Pathways Through Conflict" is our signature course that teaches important life skills that anyone would benefit from.  Although beneficial to everyone, it is written with the parent who is caught in a high-conflict divorce in mind.  It provides parents with the tools to regulate emotional stress, resolve conflict with high-conflict personalities, build family resilience, and shift into a parental role that best supports their children's needs.

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