Pathways to Co-Parent

Monique Mason

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Children thrive when you thrive! The greatest gift a parent or caregiver can give to a child is a stable and conflict-free environment. This online course equips you with important skills and tools that every parent or caregiver should have.

This course is for you if you are separated, divorced, a foster parent, or in a position of care of a child and navigating a relationship with another caregiver. Whether you are in an amicable relationship desiring tools to co-parent positively, or you are in a situation where your co-parent is completely unwilling to work with you, this course is for you.

The majority of co-parenting classes teach you the basics, while still leaving parents unable to navigate their co-parenting dynamic. Meet your court mandated requirement while truly taking a deep dive into the realities of different co-parenting dynamics from the most amicable to the most high conflict, that may require parallel parenting to take control of the child’s best interest and keep them out of the conflict.

In this online course, you will receive 8 customized modules in which you will:

  • understand the impact separation and divorce has on your children
  • respond to common child behaviors that come up surrounding separation and divorce
  • learn about the four parenting styles, their effects on children and how to shift into a parental role that best supports your children’s needs
  • learn conflict resolution strategies to more effectively communicate with your co-parent
  • master problem-solving skills
  • become proactive in solutions instead of reactive in problems
  • learn what parallel parenting is, and when this is an appropriate approach to raising children

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion directly to your inbox. 

What’s Included:

  • Lifetime 24/7 access to 5-Module online course “Pathways to Co-Parent
  • Interactive exercises & quizzes to apply what you learn & tailor to your family
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • All future course upgrades
  • Certificate of Completion

BONUS: Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan

Included is our Ultimate Co-parenting Plan to help with conflicting opinions regarding the children’s best interest, helping you to avoid future arguments, court action and creating the stability your child needs in order to make successful co-parenting a reality.

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