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Cracking The Alienation Code with Pathways Family Coaching

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Separation and divorce are hard for everyone, especially your children. It is common for children to get caught in the middle of the dispute, unwittingly becoming weapons used by one parent to hurt the other. It is all too easy for these malicious acts to overpower existing bonds between parents and their children, leaving you struggling to connect while the pain you feel wreaks havoc throughout your life.

Understanding the root causes of alienation is essential to undoing the damage done by a manipulative co-parent. Knowing where alienation comes from can be an important step in the healing process, allowing you to regain control while empowering you to reconnect with your children.

Pathways Family Coaching offers solutions that meet you where you are and give you the tools you need to lead your family effectively. The Alienation Code online course is ready to empower you to understand and overcome alienation within your family.

Understand Alienation From the Inside Out

The Alienation Code gives you knowledge and insight into the processes behind alienation amidst the challenges of high-conflict separation and divorce. Consisting of six fully-customized online modules, The Alienation Code is an essential first step towards healing your family, and will leave you feeling truly empowered!

Parents are best equipped to combat alienation tactics when they understand how they work. The Alienation Code aims to help you manage these challenges by:

  • Learning what “family bond obstruction” is and how it impacts family dynamics.
  • Gaining insight into how your ex thinks and the tactics s/he may use to turn your child against you, as well as how to overcome these challenges.
  • Developing a deep understanding of your child’s perspective, how alienation impacts your child, and the long-term consequences of alienation.
  • Examining the neurological side of emotional trauma and its effects on your (and your child’s) physical wellbeing.
  • Understanding “attachment theory” and “trauma bonding” as they relate to your family.
  • Discovering the importance of repairing the bonds damaged by alienation.

The online course material provides you with all the tools to understand and ultimately counteract alienation, empowering you to repair and strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Avoiding the Blame Game

When confronted with having their children turned against them, many parents become consumed with assigning blame. While it is most common to direct their anger at their manipulative co-parent, some cases lead to parents’ resentment being directed at their children, putting an even harder strain on their breaking bond.

In addition to imparting knowledge and understanding, The Alienation Code aims to shift that negative, unhealthy perspective. Though it might feel (temporarily) good to have somewhere to direct negative emotions, becoming wrapped up in the blame game won’t repair the bond between parents and their children. The Alienation Code will guide you in developing your own healthy perspective on the situation, leaving you better equipped to manage high-conflict personalities while rebuilding your parent-child relationships. Most importantly, it will allow you to meet your children with the compassion and understanding they need and deserve.

Skills and Support – Anytime, Anywhere

The Alienation Code is a fully online course that can be completed anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to learn and grow!

Many similar family coaching services require in-person meetings. While these can be valuable, face-to-face sessions may not be feasible in every scenario. Everything from scheduling difficulties to safety concerns can prevent effective conflict mediation and resolution from taking place in an in-person setting.

Moreover, it can be challenging to find time for in-person sessions. Especially in the throes of high-conflict divorce, having to commit to (yet another) appointment can often be tough. The Alienation Code is an effective alternative, empowering you to understand alienation and develop coping skills and strategies in a time and place that works for you. No matter how hectic or challenging your situation is, The Alienation Code will allow you to continually work towards understanding your child’s perspective and rebuilding your parent-child bond.

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