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High-conflict family dynamics are challenging to navigate for professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. Whether you’re a counselor, family coach, mental health professional, or lawyer working in family courts, you’ve likely encountered clients struggling to cope with the strains of separation and divorce, often leading to irreparably damaged parent-child relationships and unresolved trauma.

The lack of a standardized approach to high-conflict separation and divorce further increases the challenge professionals face today. While every family is unique, the absence of a professional framework leads to a variety of approaches to different situations, some with more success than others.

As professionals, we all strive to understand our clients’ unique challenges and needs and provide them with the best insights and tools to help them meet their goals. Pathways Family Coaching’s library of resources offers comprehensive solutions for parents and professionals working through high-conflict separation and divorce. Read on to learn about our offerings, as well as how incorporating them into your practice can lead your clients to success.

Pathways Through Conflict: The Ultimate Conflict Management Toolbox

No matter the discipline, professionals understand that conflict management skills are essential in navigating separation and divorce. Although family restructuring is an emotionally challenging process, effective communication strategies will allow your clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their families.

Pathways Through Conflict focuses on building essential communication and conflict management skills designed to help co-parents navigate their separation and divorce. Consisting of an eight-module online course, Pathways Through Conflict leads individuals (or separated couples) towards the ultimate goal of minimizing legal intervention while maximizing the control over family restructuring.

Pathways Through Conflict aims to help manage high-conflict situations through developing:

  • Emotional regulation and management
  • Flexible thinking
  • Effective responses to hostile communication
  • Management of high-conflict personalities (including those with mental health and substance abuse issues)
  • and much more!

The online course material, coupled with one-on-one guidance and accountability to implement learned skills, provides parents with the tools to provide a nurturing environment in which their children will flourish.

The Alienation Code: Understanding Family Bond Obstruction

Although “parental alienation” is a highly controversial term, there’s no denying that its symptoms can have a profound negative impact on both parents and children. Parental rejection is a harrowing experience; understanding its root causes and effects is crucial in your client’s healing journey.

The Alienation Code provides knowledge and insight into the processes behind alienation amidst the challenges of high-conflict separation and divorce. Consisting of five fully-customized online modules, The Alienation Code is an essential first step towards understanding and working through family bond obstruction.

Parents and professionals alike are best-equipped to combat alienation tactics when they understand how they work. The Alienation Code aims to illuminate these challenges by:

  • Learning what “family bond obstruction” is and how it impacts family dynamics.
  • Gaining insight into how a high-conflict co-parent thinks and the tactics s/he may use to turn a child against a parent.
  • Developing a deep understanding of a child’s perspective, how alienation impacts a child, and the long-term consequences of family bond obstruction.
  • Examining the neurological side of emotional trauma and its effects on your client’s (and their child’s) physical well being.
  • Discovering the importance of repairing the bonds damaged by alienation.

The online course material provides all the tools to understand and ultimately counteract “parental alienation,” empowering your client to repair and strengthen the parent-child bond through empathy and compassion, leaving behind the all-too-common “victim” mindset. 

Behavioural Pattern Finder: A Proactive Approach to Documentation

If your client is in the throes of a high-conflict separation or divorce, it can be daunting to document harmful behaviors while managing the emotional turmoil in their family. Coping with trauma is hard enough, let alone keeping track and making sense of their emotionally exhausting situation. You’ve very likely encountered overwhelmed, confused, and traumatized clients in your practice who have struggled to recount the abuse inflicted on them, often over a period of months or years.

Pathways’ Behavioral Pattern Finder is a revolutionary service for logging, evaluating, and presenting behavioral patterns in a high-conflict co-parenting situation. The BPF organizes up to 250 pieces of data into a digital timeline revealing trends that may indicate harmful parenting practices, while also highlighting your clients’ parenting strengths.

The Pathways team will work with you to compile and document behavioral patterns, such as text messages, emails, police reports, therapist reports, bank statements, and medical reports. This documentation is then chronologically ordered and tagged based on recommendations from top mental health professionals. Finally, we create a visual timeline complete with behavioral “flags” organized to demonstrate patterns in a wide variety of settings. The result? A comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview that anyone – including Judges and other professionals – can interpret quickly and effectively.

About Pathways Family Coaching

Pathways Family Coaching provides a comprehensive resource library to handle high-conflict separation and divorce. We seek to help our clients communicate more effectively, find success in family court, and recover the strong bond they have with their children. Our resources have a proven record of success with our clients, and provide a comprehensive framework for professionals to use in their own practices.

We believe collaboration is essential to empowering parents to overcome the challenges of family restructuring. Working with parents and professionals alike is key in bringing about change and managing the complex dynamics of modern families, empowering them to heal and move forward with their family bonds intact.

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