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Feeling as though you’ve lost a child is one of the most difficult things a parent will ever experience. When your child is choosing to disengage or not to be a part of your life, it is incredibly challenging not to become overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. It is all too easy to fall into the traps of self-pity and self-loathing while neglecting the fundamental practices of self-care. Far too often, parents feel as though they’ve lost all control over their situation, feeling “stuck” without their child in their lives.

Understanding the root cause of parental rejection is essential to forging a path forward towards reconnecting with your child. Understanding the emotions of yourself and your child is a vital step in the healing process, allowing you to regain control while empowering you to reconnect with your children.

Pathways Family Coaching offers solutions that meet you where you are and give you the tools you need to lead your family effectively. The Ready to Reconnect online course is ready to empower you to overcome the pain of rejection and shift your mindset in preparation for a reunion.

Getting “Unstuck” and Regaining Control

When confronted with rejection, many parents feel helpless, ashamed, isolated, depressed and even angry. Many parents also describe feeling “stuck,” with very little control over their own emotions. These feelings are normal and more than understandable, but becoming consumed with them will ultimately hinder any progress towards making steps toward rebuilding a relationship with your child. Parents must rise above these emotions by developing the skills and confidence to move forward.

In many situations, a child rejects a parent when they feel caught in a loyalty bind and face the perceived obligation of having to “parent” your ex. They feel responsible for meeting your co-parent’s emotional needs, as well as your own. Looking after two adults is an enormous responsibility for a child, especially when they also need parental guidance, support, and, most importantly, love.

Ready to Reconnect will give you the skills to manage your own emotions surrounding rejection, moving past them and becoming “unstuck.” This will allow you to regain control over your situation, and empower you to be the parent your child wants and needs in the throes of high-conflict family situations. Ultimately, Ready to Reconnect will allow you to meet your children with the compassion and understanding they deserve.

Setting the Stage for Reconnection

Ready to Reconnect gives you the knowledge and insight into the emotional processes behind parental rejection in the wake of high-conflict separation and divorce. Consisting of 12 fully-customized online modules, Ready to Reconnect prepares you for the first steps towards healing your family, leaving you empowered to rebuild your relationship with your child.

The first step in moving towards reconnection is taking back control of your emotions and becoming “unstuck.” Ready to Reconnect propels you forward to a place of understanding, compassion and empowerment through:

  • Learning the ins-and-outs of grief and the grieving cycle, equipping you with the knowledge to move forward through suffering and anger you are experiencing.
  • Closely examining your family dynamic to better understand your ex’s perspective, your child’s mind, and how your mindset may be hindering your close bond with your child.
  • Discovering the importance of your mindset in reconnecting with your child, as well as exercises encouraging growth and positivity.
  • A step-by-step program built to gradually and naturally shift your current mindset allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling life, all while drawing your child back into your life.
  • Developing new skills to support your child on their journey to healing from family trauma.
  • Understanding effective communication strategies to draw your child closer to you.

The customized online course material provides you with everything you need to learn how to demonstrate balance and unconditional love, allowing you to step back into your role as their parent with confidence.

Skills and Support – Anytime, Anywhere

Ready to Reconnect is a fully online course that can be completed anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to learn and grow!

Many similar family coaching services require in-person meetings. While these can be valuable, face-to-face sessions may not be feasible in every scenario. Everything from scheduling difficulties to safety concerns can prevent development and growth from taking place in an in-person setting.

Moreover, it can be challenging to find time for in-person sessions. Especially in the throes of high-conflict divorce, committing to (yet another) appointment can often be challenging. Ready to Reconnect is an effective alternative, empowering you to develop coping skills and a healthy mindset in a time and place that works for you. No matter how hectic or challenging your circumstances are, Ready to Reconnect will allow you to continually work towards regaining control and rebuilding your parent-child bond.

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