Parallel Parenting

About Us...

Helping you build pathways through high-conflict divorce so your children are free to receive love from both parents!

About Us...

Helping you build pathways through high-conflict divorce so your children are free to receive love from both parents!

Navigate High-conflict Separations With Parallel Parenting

Are you in the middle of a contentious divorce or separation and in need of a parenting plan that allows you to maintain space from your ex while still meeting the needs of your children? Parallel parenting creates a solid foundation of rules and guidelines that restore order, abide by court mandates (where necessary) and set everyone up for success.

At Pathways Family Coaching, we specialize in dedicated practices like parallel parenting, co-parenting and reunification to help bring balance to high-conflict family situations, all while keeping everyone's best interests at heart. With decades of experience behind our team, we're here to help you find a new path forward with confidence and peace of mind.

What Is Parallel Parenting

Parallel parenting is a type of co-parenting that involves minimal contact between parents wherever possible. Unlike co-parenting, where communication may be frequent and unregulated, parallel parenting is typically implemented in high-conflict scenarios where both parties cannot reach a healthy point of agreement and where continued tension has begun to negatively affect any children involved in the situation. Parallel parenting can be utilized for short or long-term purposes and usually involves working with a trained third party like Pathways to develop clear guidelines for engagement and factors in plans for dealing with evolving considerations as your children grow.

Why Choose Parallel Parenting


Reduced Conflict

Tense breakups often breed resentment that leads to constant arguments and conflict. While this is less than ideal for the adults involved, exposure to volatility can be extremely harmful to children. Parallel parenting creates clear boundaries and limits communication to avoid conflict and disagreements.


Children First

Parallel parenting prioritizes the children's needs first, ensuring they maintain strong relationships with both parents without being caught in the crossfire of ongoing disputes.



Regain control of your situation with the ability to manage your household separately, without the battle over "whose rules win".


Structured Guidelines

Parallel parenting plans include detailed guidelines covering parenting schedules, decision-making processes, and communication protocols, providing structure in a potentially chaotic situation.

Parallel Parenting with Pathways

Pathways Family Coaching is here to protect the best interests of your children and your whole family during a high-conflict split. Working with an experienced co-parenting, parallel parenting, and reunification team like the team at Pathways is one of the best ways to remove tension and ensure a happy, healthy, environment for all. Our expert coaches and comprehensive resources are ready to integrate with your existing legal and therapeutic teams, guiding you towards a healthy parallel parenting arrangement for you and your child. From Pathways Through Conflict to our Behavioral Pattern Finder and other programs, we're here to guide you through healthy, separate parenting, one step at a time.

Our parallel plans focus on core details like:

• Parenting Time Allocation • Communication Guidelines • Decision-Making Protocols • Conflict Resolution Strategies, and more.