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If you’re currently working through a contentious separation or divorce, it can be challenging to know where to turn for guidance on managing conflict. Practical conflict management skills are absolutely critical in navigating your unique situation, but where can you go to develop these skills?

In years past, traditional family coaching or in-person counselling has been the standard for developing conflict management skills. However, in-person sessions may not be feasible in every scenario. Everything from scheduling difficulties to safety concerns can prevent effective conflict mediation and resolution from taking place in an in-person setting.

Thankfully, these barriers don’t have to prevent you and your family from getting support and developing the skills you need to weather the storm. Pathways Family Coaching offers solutions that meet you where you are and give you the tools you need to lead your family effectively. Our library of online courses and resources is here to empower you to handle conflict and alienation within your family in a healthy, constructive way.

The Benefits of Online Conflict Coaching

A hugely important skill in all aspects of life, solid conflict resolution practices are at the heart of solving every type of family issue. Especially in light of separation or divorce, it is essential to build a repertoire of techniques and tactics to manage high-conflict personalities. Not only will these skills enable you to manage your relationship with your co-parent, but it will also empower you to lead by example for your children by modelling effective conflict management behaviors and other skills that will be valuable throughout their lives.

Although developing these skills is important, it can be challenging to find time for in-person sessions. Especially in the throes of divorce, having to commit to (yet another) appointment can often be untenable. Being able to work on your conflict skills in a time and place that works for you will help you avoid scheduling challenges while still making progress and setting your family up for success.

Pathways Through Conflict – The Ultimate Conflict Management Solution

Our Pathways Through Conflict online course focuses on building essential skills for you (and your ex-partner, if they choose to participate) to navigate the rough waters of separation and divorce. Consisting of an eight-module online course and 12 one-on-one online coaching sessions, Pathways Through Conflict meets you where you are with solutions for your separation as you restructure your family.

Pathways Through Conflict guides you towards forming a productive co-parenting relationship with your ex-partner to benefit the entire family, including (most importantly) your children. Pathways Through Conflict empowers you to resolve conflict in your family, manage the emotions of yourself while teaching your children to do the same, and develop resiliency in all areas of your life.

Online Resources with Pathways Family Coaching

In addition to Pathways Through Conflict, Pathways Family offers a multitude of online resources to help you regain control through your challenging time. Our services include:

We provide real strategic solutions that empower parents to effectively co-parent with a high-conflict ex while protecting the precious bond between parent and child. No matter where you are or what your situation is, Pathways Family Coaching is here to help.

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