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Conflict management skills are critical in family restructuring. But where can parents learn these skills?

Traditional family coaching or in-person counseling has been the standard approach to date. However, in-person sessions may not be the right choice for everyone. Everything from scheduling difficulties to safety concerns (especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic) can prevent in-person conflict coaching from being a viable option, let alone an effective one.

For parents seeking alternatives to traditional approaches, online coaching has emerged as an equally effective approach to developing conflict management skills. Read on to learn more about the benefits of online coaching today, as well as Pathways Family Coaching’s unique approach to managing conflict through separation and divorce.

The Importance of Accessibility Today

There’s no way around it: family restructuring is a time-consuming ordeal. As parents currently in the process know, a separation or divorce entails a seemingly never-ending string of appointments, from meeting with lawyers and mental health professionals to making court dates, all while continuing to raise your child. Especially in a contentious, high-conflict scenario, the process can quickly become physically and emotionally exhausting, ultimately hindering your ability to support your family.

COVID-19 adds another layer of difficulty to this already-challenging task. Today, parents working through separation or divorce are forced to consider the safety of themselves and their families when attending in-person appointments. Further, the stress of these uncertain times can exacerbate conflict, not to mention feelings of isolation, alienation, and contempt in your child. Rather than let these feelings fester through a global pandemic, it is critical to continue working towards resolution and healing for yourself and your child.

Online conflict coaching is an accessible, practical solution for developing conflict management skills. Not only will it empower you to continue moving forward with your family through your unique challenges, but it also minimizes the stress (and risk) of in-person appointments. With the current circumstances in the world today, online conflict coaching allows parents to protect their families from both health risks and the long-term traumatic effects of high-conflict separation and divorce.

Conflict Management with Pathways Family Coaching

At Pathways Family Coaching, we’ve long believed conflict management solutions should meet parents where they are. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive library of online courses and resources to help co-parents through the challenges of high-conflict separation and divorce. No matter what unique challenges you face, we believe you deserve accessible, insightful online conflict coaching designed to empower you and your family to overcome your circumstances.

Pathways Through Conflict is our flagship online course, focused on building essential conflict management skills to help you (and your co-parent, should they choose to participate) navigate the challenges of separation and divorce. With an eight-module online course with 12 one-on-one coaching sessions, Pathways Through Conflict will help you develop your co-parenting repertoire with the ultimate goal of empowering you to manage conflict while creating a loving, nurturing environment for your child.

We also offer a comprehensive course list covering all aspects of preserving the parent-child bond through family restructuring. Our other course offerings include:

  • The Alienation Code, a five-module deep dive into family bond obstruction (often referred to as “parental alienation”), including potential warning signs, understanding your child’s perspective, how your ex’s behavior can influence your child, and what you can do to combat family bond obstruction.
  • Trapped in Trauma, our newest course offering examining the root causes of trauma, how it affects your relationship with your child, and the importance of working with your child to heal.
  • Ready to Reconnect, a course focused on practical strategies for rejected parents to welcome their children back into their lives through compassion and understanding.

In addition to learning materials, we also offer one-on-one online coaching sessions with our expert team. Pathways coaches help you develop conflict management skills to guide your family through the restructuring process with confidence. Best of all, our online coaching format works on your schedule, guiding you through your journey with openness, acceptance and care.

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