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Dedicated to meeting you where you are, remaining focused on what is genuinely in your children's best interests, and working collaboratively with your professional team to achieve real results.





Dena Fredrickson

About Dena's Journey

About Pathways

Pathways prides itself in providing parents who are struggling to remain a part of their children's lives as a result of high-conflict divorce to more effectively communicate with their ex, finally find success in family court, and recover the strong bond they have with their children...all without compromising who they really are.

We believe that banding together as a team and working collaboratively with others is key in bringing about change and solving an epidemic that is dominating the family courts...turning a child against another parent.

Our Core values include:

1) placing the highest priority on the wellbeing of the children within the family unit
2) banding together as a team and working collaboratively with other ethical professionals is key to resolving alienation
3) an open mind and thirst for continually expanding our knowledge keep us at the leading edge of helping families
4) transparent, open, and respectful communication is ALWAYS paramount
5) quality of care and advice are paramount
6) maintaining the highest integrity and honesty when serving the families we work with

We work worldwide!

We are often asked where we are located and there is no easy answer to this question. We do not currently have any brick and mortar locations and have coaches located in both Canada and the US. Because we focus on coaching and consultation, this allows us to work worldwide in a virtual capacity.