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Pathways Through Conflict: Learning Effective Communication in High-Conflict Situations

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Separation and divorce are hard! Emotions are always running high, conflict is inevitable, and reactionary outbursts sometimes cause irreparable damage. It is all too easy for the situation to become a runaway train mowing down everything in its path, leaving you struggling to co-parent through the carnage. Even worse, lawyers and judges are sometimes forced to make the decisions for your family, leaving you nearly powerless to mend the damage the trainwreck has done.

The sooner you regain control of the train, the better the chances of building a productive co-parenting relationship with your ex-partner. Conflict management skills are essential to regaining control and will benefit your entire family, including (most importantly) your children.

Pathways Family Coaching offers solutions that meet you where you are and give you the tools you need to lead your family effectively. Our flagship online course, Pathways Through Conflict, is ready to empower you to handle conflict and alienation within your family in a healthy, constructive way.

Practical Conflict Management Solutions

Pathways Through Conflict focuses on building essential skills designed to help you (and your co-parent, should they choose to participate) navigate the challenges of separation and divorce. Consisting of an eight-module online course with 12 one-on-one coaching sessions, Pathways Through Conflict leads you towards the ultimate goal of minimizing legal intervention while maximizing the control over how your family is restructured.

Responding effectively to high-conflict individuals and situations is essential to navigating a separation or divorce successfully. Pathways Through Conflict aims to help you manage a high-conflict situation by developing:

  • Emotional regulation and management.
  • Flexible thinking.
  • Effective responses to hostile communication.
  • Management of high-conflict personalities (including those with mental health and substance abuse issues)
  • and much more!

The online course material, coupled with one-on-one guidance and gentle accountability to implement the skills you learn, provides you with all the tools to provide a nurturing environment in which your children will flourish.

Additionally, Pathways Through Conflict includes the Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan, a comprehensive template to map out your co-parenting structure with your ex-partner. With guidance and mediation from our highly-trained coaches, you will learn how to avoid court and reach an agreement that suits your family’s specific needs. Discover how to legalize your plan and present your new family structure to your children.

Leading By Example for Your Children

In addition to developing conflict management strategies for yourself, Pathways Through Conflict equips you with the tools needed to instill these skills in your children. By modelling effective strategies, you’ll empower your child to navigate their own relationship with their high-conflict parent successfully.

In addition to modelling effective behaviors, Pathways Through Conflict includes modules on Parenting with Awareness, Parenting with Influence, and Family Resiliency. These modules guide you in raising healthy children in a restructured family, transitioning into a parental role that supports your children’s needs, and practicing mindful parenting while demonstrating effective conflict management strategies. Not only will this strengthen your bond with your children, but it will set them up for success in relationships in all areas of their lives.

Skills and Support – Anytime, Anywhere

Pathways Through Conflict is a coach-led online course that can be completed anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to learn and grow!

Many other family coaching services require in-person meetings. While these are often valuable, face-to-face sessions may not be feasible in every scenario. Everything from scheduling difficulties to safety concerns can prevent effective conflict mediation and resolution from taking place in an in-person setting.

Further, it can be challenging to find time for in-person sessions. Especially in the throes of divorce, having to commit to (yet another) appointment can often be tough. Pathways Through Conflict is an effective alternative, empowering you to develop conflict skills in a time and place that works for you. No matter how hectic or challenging your situation is, Pathways Through Conflict will allow you to continually work towards effective communication and conflict solutions for your family.

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