The Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan

$99.00 USD

This is the most comprehensive co-parenting plan on the market!  Designed to protect parent-child bonds and avoid contentious issues before they arise.  This plan includes:

  • 47-page done-for-you format
  • easy to read language (you do not need to speak “lawyer”)
  • “yes” or “no” format – you choose which clauses to include
  • scheduling templates
  • clauses for military parents


Welcome to the journey of co-parenting the child(ren) you both love dearly!  And congratulations on putting your child(ren)’s needs first regardless of the personal issues you and your co-parent may have.  After all, divorce or separation does not end the family.  It just restructures it.  There is no one on earth that can act in better interest of your child(ren) than you…your child(ren)’s own parents!

The Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan addresses key issues down to minutia in order to avoid misunderstandings, misinterpretations and arguments in the future.  Parents often choose to enter into a co-parenting plan with only generalities, because it is easier in the moment to agree than to discuss and argue those fine details.  When issues do arise, this often leads to frustration and anger, incurred court costs, attorney’s fees and a breakdown in positive communication between co-parents.  Having a thoughtfully laid out and agreed upon plan allows parents to answer the “what ifs” before they potentially occur which allows for more critical thinking and fewer negative emotions than when in emergency response mode.  Most important of all, it allows your child to remain a child and reap the benefits of the hard work both of you put into this plan to co-parent effectively.

Every family is unique and therefore needs a detailed and well thought out plan, tailored to fit your family’s needs.  Unlike most co-parenting plans out there, which are cookie cutter and vague, this plan was designed with every family’s unique needs in mind.  We know that divorce and separation is hard on everyone and not all parents separate on good terms.  Even the most high conflict situations can be managed and agreed upon with a strong plan to protect the family bonds.

This plan is simple to use, with easy-to-understand language and a “yes” or “no” format for choosing which clauses work for your family and which do not.  In the event that you and your co-parent are having difficulties agreeing, a Co-Parenting/Custody Coach or Mediator is the fastest and least expensive way to obtain the help you need to resolve differences of opinion and options in the plan.  We are very happy to guide you both down this path if you ever find you need help.