The Alienation Code Online Course

$249.00 USD

Knowledge is POWER!  This program is designed to provide incredible insight into “parental alienation” and intimate partner violence (IPV).  Understanding exactly what is happening in your family helps to reduce shame, overcome guilt, and alleviate the anger you may feel towards your child.

You will receive 5 comprehensive modules in which you will discover:

  • how high-conflict personalities think
  • tactics used to turn your children against you
  • your child’s perspective, and why he thinks the way he does
  • short and long-term impacts on your child

BONUS:  Also receive our “Trapped in Trauma” Course



Separation and divorce is hard! …but when your ex has a high-conflict personality, it becomes even harder! It is common for the children to get caught in the middle of the dispute, and callously turned into weapons to hurt one parent.

As a target of this silent abuse, you may start to question your sanity, lose relationships of those who used to be close to you, and lose all sense of control in your life.

This course is an important first step to healing your family, and will leave you feeling truly empowered!

The course includes 5 customized modules in which you will:

  • learn the ins-and-outs of the dynamic in a family where “parental alienation” is present, and the controversy within the professional community surrounding the use of this term
  • discover what child behaviors may indicate that your children are being influenced to reject you
  • gain insight into how your co-parent thinks and why they think the way they do
  • learn what the tactics your co-parent is likely to use to condition your children to disengage, and how to overcome these obstacles
  • develop a deep understanding of your children’s perspectives, and the impacts on your children of being exposed to the conflict your co-parent is creating
  • investigate how your current mindset may be impacting your relationship with your children, and/or preventing your children from reconnecting with you

Everything You Get

  • Lifetime 24/7 access to 5-Module online course “The Alienation Code
  • Interactive exercises & quizzes to apply what you learn & tailor to your family
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • All future course upgrades

BONUS: “Trapped in Trauma” Online Course

Received our “Trapped in Trauma” online course that naturally builds on the concepts learned in “The Alienation Code“. In this bonus course, you will learn:

  • what trauma is and how it changes your body’s natural response to stress
  • investigate the neurological side of emotional trauma, and the long-term effects on the brain and your overall physical and mental health
  • discover what ACEs are, determine your own ACE score, and learn how trauma passes from generation to generation until someone chooses to heal the family
  • develop an understanding of what attachment is, what happens when attachment becomes perverted, and how it relates to what is happening within your family
  • gain insight about the long-term consequences of “parental alienation” on your children if left unchecked, and the importance of repairing the bond you have with your children
  • learn how to incorporate the knowledge you’ve gained into your daily parenting practices now knowing that your children are suffering from emotional trauma


Introduction to “The Alienation Code”, program goals, and what to expect throughout the course.


Learn what “parental alienation” is, and why the term is considered controversial. This module takes a deep dive into the progression of the deterioration of parent-child bonds in families, red flags in your children’s behavior that may indicate they are at risk, and common tactics used to erode away the bond between you and your children.


Learn about the personality traits that are common among parents who choose to influence their children to emotionally cut-off from the other parent. This module takes you into the minds of individuals with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) or BPD (borderline personality disorder), and teaches you how to navigate a co-parenting relationship with someone who possesses these traits.


Delve deeply into the mind of your children. This module takes a good, long look at your children’s perspectives, and how their mind is molded to create the illusion that they are choosing not to spend time with you.


Learn about the neurological side of trauma and brain development, how we carry it in our bodies, that it is passed on genetically to our children, and the long-term effects on your health.


Learn about attachment theory, trauma bonding, and the importance of repairing the bond you still have with your child (even if they are refusing to have contact with you).