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Understanding Why Your Child is Rejecting You and Mapping the Breakdown of Family Dynamics

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Family dynamics are often complicated at the best of times, but the introduction of a high-conflict divorce or separation can have profound effects on the bond between parents and their children. Tense situations hold the opportunity for anxiety and anger to fester, leading to confusion and emotional distress for children caught in the middle of warring adults. This damage becomes …

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Recognizing the Signs of Parental Alienation: What You Need To Look For


Parental alienation is a deeply distressing and, sadly, often unspoken issue that can have devastating impacts on family relationships and healthy childhood development. While the term is often (mis)used to refer to a myriad of relationship issues that can occur between parents and their children (mistrust, teenage rebellion, etc.), what parental alienation actually refers to is the act of one parent turning …