problem with parental alienation

The Problem with “Parental Alienation”

Pathways Team Alienation

If you’re struggling to manage your relationship with your child during a high-conflict separation or divorce, you’ve likely heard the term “parental alienation.” Maybe you’ve even come across “clinical” definitions that resonate with you and your current situation. However, “parental alienation” itself has a complicated history, and negative connotations in clinical, legal, and emotional terms. We believe that “parental alienation” …

Strategies to Counteract COVID-19 Alienation

Monique Mason Alienation, Co-Parenting

Coronavirus…it’s a word that has the masses running scared and leaving grocery store shelves empty. It has created confusion, worry and panic for many. However, there is a smaller population that is left with a whole new set of concerns. Namely, parents who are already struggling to spend the parenting time they deserve with their children. Governments are closing schools …