problem with parental alienation

The Problem with “Parental Alienation”

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If you’re struggling to manage your relationship with your child during a high-conflict separation or divorce, you’ve likely heard the term “parental alienation.” Maybe you’ve even come across “clinical” definitions that resonate with you and your current situation. However, “parental alienation” itself has a complicated history, and negative connotations in clinical, legal, and emotional terms. We believe that “parental alienation” …

the alienation code

Cracking The Alienation Code with Pathways Family Coaching

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Separation and divorce are hard for everyone, especially your children. It is common for children to get caught in the middle of the dispute, unwittingly becoming weapons used by one parent to hurt the other. It is all too easy for these malicious acts to overpower existing bonds between parents and their children, leaving you struggling to connect while the …

parental rejection

Getting Ready to Reconnect with Pathways Family Coaching

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Feeling as though you’ve lost a child is one of the most difficult things a parent will ever experience. When your child is choosing to disengage or not to be a part of your life, it is incredibly challenging not to become overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. It is all too easy to fall into the traps of self-pity …

Parental Alienation Support Groups – The Pros and Cons

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Parental alienation and the rejection of a parent by a child is a common consequence of high-conflict separation or divorce. Whether it’s caused by the child’s inability to process their trauma or the behavior of one or both co-parents, the parent-child relationship is often severely damaged throughout the process of family restructuring. For parents who have been rejected by their children, …