Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan Template

THE most comprehensive co-parenting plan template on the market designed to avoid parental conflict and protect parent-child bonds.


Maintain Control
& remove parenting decisions from the courts

Manage High-Conflict Divorce
by including consequences in your plan

Avoid Costly Loopholes
by answering all the "what-ifs" before they occur

Protect Parent-Child Bonds
& parent with increased awareness and influence


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There is One Divorce in
America Every

13 sec


The Moment You Step Into Court to Solve Parenting Disputes, You Give Your Children to the Government


Create a Co-Parenting Plan in Minutes

All the heavy-lifting is done in this 47-page done-for-you template.  Simply print, check the clauses you want included and complete the enclosed parenting time schedules.

Easy to Understand
Simple to use with easy to understand language.  You do not need to speak "legalize".

"Yes" or "No" Format
Can be tailored to fit your family's needs by simply checking a box to add or remove any clause .

Comprehensive & Thoughtfully Laid Out

Designed with every family's unique needs in mind, and addresses key issues down to the minutia in order to avoid misunderstandings, misinterpretations and arguments in the future.

Clauses for Military Parents

Includes clauses defining pre-deployment parenting time, communication while deployed, and visitation with extended family of a parent who has been deployed.

Consequences for High-Conflict Parents

In our experience, high-conflict parents will not follow orders if there are no consequences for their behavior.  This problem is solved with clauses that ensure compliance with the agreement.


End Hostile Co-Parenting Disputes Once & for All!

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47-page done-for-you format

easy to read language

"yes" or "no" format

scheduling templates included

downloadable pdf format

lifetime 24/7 access

unlimited number of downloads

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Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan


Manage Even the Most High-Conflict Situations
& Recover a Strong Bond With Your Child


This Template Can Be Used To:

use the Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan template without the need of legal intervention

negotiate an agreement in mediation using the Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan template

present the Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan template in court to obtain a comprehensive order

Ultimate Co-Parenting Plan
ONLY $99